Welding Torch

Preparing the welding machine : Fit the welding Machine with the dies of required pipe and fittings diameter to be processed and connect the plug to the 230 V power supply socket. Wait until the thermostat light on the machine goes off, indicating that the welding machine has reached the working temperature (260°C).

Cut the pipe at right angles to axis. In order to avoid the errors in defining the distances and directions of the fittings, one may use a pencil for markings.
Push the end of the pipe and fittings simultaneously, Without turning them up to the marked welding depth into the tools
After the specific heating time, quickly remove pipe & fitting from the welding dies. Join them immediately and without turning, until the marked welding depth of pipe is covered by the PP-R fitting.
After heating the joining parts don’t push them forcefully. Rotational effect of maximum 10 to 15 degree is possible at the time of joining in order to perform coaxial correction.


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